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A COMBINATION LOCK THAT GIVES YOU CONTROL...Are you worried about what your kids are doing while you're away from the house? This device will lock out your computer or your television or any other device you don't want your children to use. The information age has enabled us to access almost anything - both good and bad. LOCK-OUT provides the solution for the problems that this entails. LOCK-OUT will block media violence, including TV, internet, and video game violence from your children's lives. You can prevent your children from gaining access to the television, the internet, and even video games by using this lock as a type of "safety device." You can also protect your children by using LOCK-OUT to prevent them from gaining access to power tools.
LOCK-OUT. A combination lock that once on, ensures no contact can be made between the plug and the socket. LOCK-OUT It's simple. It's quick It's versatile. And it allows you to control any electrical appliance, computers, television, power tools... By sliding the lock shaft through the holes in the prongs on any electrical plug YOU can decide what goes on. It's that simple. The rubberized cover that fits over the prongs before the lock goes on prevents the possibility of any electrical shocks. And as LOCK-OUT is a combination lock you don’t have to worry about keys. LOCK-OUT. It's easy to install and remove whenever you need to, allowing you to lock into your peace of mind.
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